New beginnings

Well As everyone knows a new school year is to come just around the corner. Things our going to be way different. Over the summer I got a new crush, and I lost one of my best friends. The biggest change though I think is that no matter what happens I will not let anyone ruin my year. This is going to be my best year of high school yet. Im going to start compleatly over. Things are going to be different, but that’s ok. I think it’s time for me to let lose and just say what ever. If someone has a problem with me well that’s their problem not mine. I came to the realization that I’m perfect the way I am, and nobody will ever change me. So heres to new beginning. Weather it be good or bad. Let’s say to all the hurtful things ever said to us… Goodbye

Never Give Up
Sometimes in life I feel like I should just give up. On him, on my dreams, on friends, and in life. But than I’m like where will this get me. So I try and try. When I fall down I get right back up.


I love you but I cant tell,¬†you. Why do I get so nervous when I talk to you or get any where near you. I have no idea but I really wish god or someone else would explain to me what this is . IT would really clear things up for me if they did tell me. But that would defeat the porpoise of life right. Well sometimes I want to yell SCREW LIFE. Of course I don’t but wouldn’t it be nice to do.

I love you
I love you but I don’t tell you. I dream about you but I don’t say so. I hear your voice every day but I don’t hear you. I miss you everyday but we were never to gather. Maybe I should tell you, or say something, or hear you for real. Maybe after all this I’ll have a reason to miss you.
Life is complecated, but so am I. I don’t care what people think about me beacuse I know im not perfect. I flaws, I have scars. I know I have a past, and sometimes it hurts to look back at my past. But the thing about the past is it makes you who you are. The good and The bad.


Sometimes in life things dont quit go your way, but thats ok because you can always decided to over come all of the bad things in life and just laugh. I have learned that sometimes it is just best to take a seriuse moment and make it a funny moment. Laughing is always a good thing to do. I understand its hard to do because ive been there to. Maybe not as bad or maybe ten times worse. I dont know, but I dont have to either. Sometimes you just need to relieve stress. Crying, or screeming, maybe punching something these are some ways to do so. I only cry when im alone, I only screem when nobody can hear me, and I punch things when nobodys watching. I really wish that I could find alterntive ways to let all the anger, stress, fear, and frustration out.